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Should I Report a Car Accident in NC?


The short answer is yes.  Never try to base the answer on your perceived property loss or injuries at the time.  In some seemingly minor auto accidents in North Carolina, the parties may decide not to contact the police for a crash report, but later some individuals may find their damages to be more than expected, their pain and injuries to be more severe than initially thought, and liability may subsequently be disputed between the parties.

Following a vehicle collision, your body may be overtaken by adrenaline, which reduces your body’s ability to feel pain, but once the adrenaline subsides, many claimants report increased pain.  Additionally, the other party can change their version of events after the collision, and getting a police report immediately after the collision can reduce the chances of the other party changing their story a few days after the collision.

If you will move forward with a bodily injury claim, the crash report is important.  Even if there was no need for an emergency response to the collision, you may still need to contact the police as soon as possible to file a motor vehicle collision report.  Having the crash report generated at the scene of the collision has several advantages, including preserving witness and party contact and insurance information.  It is important for passengers and witnesses to be listed on the crash report.

Just be on the safe side—when in doubt—call the police and ask them for an accident report following any motor vehicle collision in North Carolina.  We recommend getting a crash report as soon as possible after the collision before it is too late.  If you have been injured in a car accident, get answers to your questions by speaking with our injury lawyers today.