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Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?


If you are injured in North Carolina in a car accident, the insurance company will be happy to deal with individuals who are not represented by at attorney. Some adjusters may offer a quick settlement and tell you that it is a good deal and that is all that you need. Some insurance companies may tell you they cannot go any higher and will not pay a penny more than what they are offering. Many adjusters tell unrepresented individuals to take their offer or leave it and get nothing. And some adjuster may tell you not to hire an attorney.

Remember whether you are dealing with an insurance company that claims to be a “good neighbor” or one that claims to have you “in good hands,” those advertising slogans may make some individuals feel like the insurance company is “on your side” but in reality, you are dealing with businesses that seek to increase profitability, reduce payouts, and retain resources. One of their goals to make money, and they help accomplish that goal every year by seeking to reduce what they pay to innocent and injured individuals. Now, think about why you should hire a car accident lawyer.

A Car Accident Attorney Knows the Law and Can Use Their Skill and Legal Knowledge to Protect Your Rights

There are many examples we have encountered that show just how ruthless insurance companies try to be and what they will try to get away with if they can. Sometimes insurance adjuster provide false interpretation of the law to try to evade their full liability. As experienced car accident injury lawyers, we have seen what happens when individuals choose to go at it alone. Some reach out to us when they realize that the car accident settlement offered by the insurance company is far too low to cover all of their expenses they have incurred. Sometimes it is too late. Many damaging statements could have been made to the insurance company unknowingly while being unrepresented, and there is a chance that the statute of limitations to make a claim has run out.

There are deadlines and rules to making injury claims. Having an attorney who knows the rules and works on your behalf offers many benefits. Here are some of the benefits our injury attorneys offer our clients:

1. Our injury lawyers deal with the insurance company so that you do not have to. Every time you speak to the insurance company when you are unrepresented by an attorney is an opportunity from them to obtain statements from you to use against you and limit your payout. They may ask innocent-sounding, tricky, or leading questions. What sounds like a casual, friendly answer, could be saved in the file to use against you later.

2. Our injury attorneys can calculate the realistic value of your case. Do not listen to the insurance company’s valuation as they are not working on your behalf and can try to pay as little as possible. We can help determine the maximum compensation allowed by the law and how to seek fair compensation.

3. Our personal injury lawyers negotiate on your behalf. Yes, there is a lot of back and forth and a skilled art to negotiation. We have successfully negotiated hundreds of personal injury cases for our clients. We are not just talking the talk either, we gather evidence, build a case for your claim, and often challenge and refute the insurance adjuster’s arguments. Our goal is to get you as much as possible.

4. The insurance adjuster knows an injury lawyer may bring a lawsuit against them. Not every insurance claim requires a lawsuit, but sometimes insurance companies can act unreasonably for which we seek to hold them accountable, that is when our litigation and courtroom experience comes into play.

What’s the Difference Between a Claim and a Lawsuit?

When you are injured, one of the first steps toward seeking compensation is to submit an injury claim against the insurance policy of the driver’s policy. There can be more than one applicable insurance policy to submit claims to. A claim is not a lawsuit. It is an attempt to get fair compensation from existing applicable coverage that can require intense negotiations. Many claims are able to get resolved through skilled negotiation and settlement.

If two parties cannot come to an agreement on a fair settlement, hiring a car accident lawyer to help you negotiation would be a wise option. Always remember to be careful with what you say to the insurance company, or you could damage your claim, that is why it is generally advisable to speak with an attorney before speaking with the insurance company.

If negotiations between you and the insurance company fail, your personal injury attorney can advise you on whether to file a lawsuit and the next steps. Tien Law Firm has the legal experience to assist with both your claim and a potential lawsuit if needed. Call our accident and injury lawyers for a free case evaluation.

You Do Not Pay an Attorney’s Fee Unless We Recover Compensation

We are confident in the legal services that we provide and we want to see our clients succeed. Our personal injury law firm works on a contingence fee arrangement. It means that there is no out-of-pocket cost for you to hire a car accident attorney to represent you. Instead, we receive our fee as a percentage of the gross compensation if we recover on your behalf and no hourly fee. We bear the burden of investigating your case and pursuing your claim, so that you can focus on your life and health.

Let Us Do the Work and Handle the Insurance Company, You Just Get Better

Tien Law Firm’s car accident attorney work hard to take the burden of your personal injury claim off your shoulders. It starts by calling us or emailing us for a free case evaluation. If we believe we can help you, we will let you and stay in touch with you, keep you in the loop, and check on your health.

There’s nothing to lose by calling. Let us see if we can help. Give us a call.