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How to Get a Wilmington, NC Crash Report


Our Wilmington personal injury lawyer knows that crash reports can be crucial to locating witnesses and showing which drivers or parties are at fault after a motor vehicle collision. Therefore, our Wilmington car accident lawyer recommends reporting an accident after it happens and getting a copy of the Wilmington crash report to try to ensure that your car repairs and medical bills can be covered. To find out more about how to report a motor vehicle accident to the police and what to do right after a collision, you can contact our Wilmington car accident attorney. You can also download a copy of the NC DMV-349 key to read your Wilmington crash report once you receive it.

If a Wilmington Police Department officer arrived after your motor vehicle accident, they should have given you a driver exchange form. The driver exchange form will have information such as the crash report number, report date, and accident location that will help you locate your crash report once it is ready. After a car collision, it usually takes three to five days for the officer to finalize the complete crash report.

Once your crash report is ready, you can download it from the “Accident Report Search” on the Wilmington Police Department website: Wilmington Crash Report Lookup.

To see if your crash report is complete, you can call the North Carolina DMV (NC DMV).

If you were injured in a Wilmington car accident and need help, you can reach out to one of our Wilmington auto accident attorneys today at (888) 920-8180.