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When the Other Driver is Lying About the Accident


We hear this from clients often, and you may be surprised how often this comes up, that a party to a collision with make conflicting statements to insurance companies about the details of the collision. If you were in a car accident, unless you have verifiable witnesses, it will be your word against the other driver’s.

The Police Officer’s Narrative & Opinion Regarding Fault

Police officers often make statements in the narrative on the crash report that influence whether an insurance company accepts or denies the claim. Officers may make an opinion as to speed, vehicle positions, distances, and opine which driver or maneuver caused the collision. On many occasions, a party may not know the other driver’s version of events until the crash report is published. It is important to have the DMV Form 349’s list of keys to interpret your North Carolina Crash Report.

The NC Crash Report

In addition to false statements made to their insurance company, an at-fault driver who is trying to escape liability may have also made false statements to the officers on the scene. Many are surprised to learn of the false statements made privately by the officer who investigated the collision. Check the crash report. It may state if the drivers had different versions of events.

What Happens if the Other Driver Is Lying About the Collision?

We have succeeded in several cases where the at-fault driver was lying about who caused the collision. But, if there were no witnesses, and the drivers each had a different version of events, the insurance company may try to deny the claim on the basis of conflicting statements and/or contributory negligence.

Speak with Our Raleigh Injury Attorneys to Discuss Your Options

Once you have found out that the other party is lying about the facts of the accident and is trying to escape liability, it is important to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your proactive options.

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