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How to Get a Winston-Salem Crash Report


If you were injured in a Winston-Salem, NC car accident, getting a crash report is an important step in making sure that your car repairs and medical bills are covered by the insurance company. A crash report will record vital information about the vehicles involved in the accident, the injuries, and who was at fault for the collision.

The Winston-Salem Police Department has an online database where you can view and download your crash report. If a Winston-Salem police officer showed up after the accident, they should have taken down the driver's name and insurance information and provided you with a driver exchange form that lists the crash report number. You can enter this information into the online crash report database to locate your crash report once it is ready. Depending on how many vehicles were involved in the collision, it will usually take an officer three to five days to finalize the report.

If an officer from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol arrives at the scene of your accident, you can use the NC State Highway Patrol website to access your NC State Highway Patrol crash report with a report number, and drivers license number or VIN.

No matter which police department completes the report, once you have a copy of it, you can use the NC DMV-349 key to read your crash report. If you need to see if your crash report is ready, you can call the North Carolina DMV (NC DMV) at (888) 920-8180.

If you were injured in a car accident and need help, reach out to one of our personal injury attorneys near Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas at (888) 920-8180.