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How to File a Vehicle Property Damage Claim


If you were involved in a car accident or automobile wreck that was not your fault, you should contact the insurance company of the at-fault driver to report a claim. You may also have insurance coverage that you can collect under, and therefore you should report the claim to your insurance company as well.

Contact Information for the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company

Whether your automobile accident was investigated by the Police Department or State Highway Patrol, the investigating officer should have provided you with a Driver Exchange Form. The Driver Exchange Form will list the other driver’s insurance company and policy number.  Often, you can conduct an online search for the phone number to report a claim with the other driver’s insurance. Tien Law Firm can also assist you with locating the correct insurance company and finding the correct phone number.

What if I Do Not Know the Name of the Other Person’s Insurance Company or They Have No Insurance?

If you did not receive a Driver Exchange Form, if you are unable to find the name of the other driver’s insurance company, or if you have been informed that the other driver does not have valid automobile insurance, Tien Law Firm can assist you with conducting an in-depth search for the information.

Should I Speak with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

Generally, you should have your attorney speak with the other driver’s insurance company to protect your interests. Too often, I have seen clients ruin their claims by making simple statements to the other insurance company before they hire a law firm. If you do not have an attorney it can be extremely beneficial for you to hire an automobile accident attorney just for this purpose to serve as a filter between you and the insurance company. If you intend to hire an attorney to assist with your claim and help you maximize any potential settlement, the sooner that they are retained, the more assistance that they can provide. If you choose to speak with the other insurance company, it is important to remember to discuss only property damage, and never answer questions regarding your injuries. But even when you are extremely careful, insurance companies can use your statements against you to deny liability. If the insurance company asks for a recorded statement or wishes to discuss your injuries, politely refuse and contact an attorney as soon as possible.