6 Steps to Take After an Auto Accident in NC


1) Stop Your Vehicle

It is important to stop and pull over after a car accident in North Carolina. It may be breaking the law to keep going.

2) Call the Police

It will be important for your car accident claim that you have a crash report from the police department or NC State Highway Patrol. If you fail to notify the police to make a crash report, it can turn into a he-said-she-said match later.

3) Take Photos

Property damage photos may come into play early in the liability investigation state and can be important later at settlement negotiations or trials. Be sure to take a few if you can, while you have your vehicle in sight before it gets towed to a storage facility or repair shop.

4) Gather Information

The police or State Highway Patrol usually gets the insurance information and drivers’s information, and usually gives you a Driver Exchange Form with the other driver’s pertinent information.

5) Find Witnesses

Witnesses can be important early in the liability investigation phase and later at trial. Some claims have even been denied on the basis of no confirmation witnesses when the two drivers dispute the crash events. Therefore, if there was a witness to the collision, it can help to get their contact information, even if they have to leave before the police arrive.

6) Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in NC

Insurance adjusters can be tricky and insurance companies can play hardball with auto accident victims. Therefore, we encourage everyone to speak with a personal injury attorney immediately following any auto accident and understand your rights and the claims and litigation process. Consulting an auto accident lawyer early on can help relieve some stress of handling the claim alone and can help you from making crucial injury claim missteps.