GEICO Claims and Settlements


The purpose of this page is to help you understand the settlement value of your case against GEICO and to give you weapons to help maximize the settlement value of your claim. Learn the secrets they don’t want you to know to seek the most money you possibly can out of your claim. 

Out of the top twenty largest insurance companies, GEICO is one of the most difficult insurance companies to deal with. If you have not figured that out yet, you will. If you are trying to maximize the settlement value of your personal injury claim in North Carolina, you want to have every weapon and all the intel you can to understand the true value of your case. Will GEICO try to pay you less than the value of your car accident claim? Our North Carolina car accident attorneys have seen GEICO try to pay less. So, you have to be prepared for battle in personal injury cases. This page can be a resource to help you better understand how GEICO values and defends accident claims. GEICO is a major repeat player in the auto insurance claims industry. Understanding how GEICO handles claims and settlements can help policyholders navigate the process more effectively.

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Are you here with specific questions about your GEICO claim? Our personal injury lawyer have organized this resource page by topic of interest:

Determining the Value of Your GEICO Personal Injury Claim

GEICO does not have a standard multiplier formula that they use to calculate damages. The initial inquiry to understand the value of your case against GEICO has nothing to do with GEICO, it starts with your injury. The nature and severity of your injury will dictate the potential value of your claim with GEICO.

How much should one expect for GEICO’s first settlement offer?

GEICO tends to make low first settlement offers. Some assume that the insurance company has a duty to cover all medical expenses and at a minimum, they expect after being in an a car accident that was not their fault that GEICO will pay the full cost of the medical bills, but do not assume GEICO will cover the full cost of medical treatment. From GEICO particularly, one of their cost saving techniques is to try to avoid paying the full cost of the medical bills. GEICO is more likely than its other large competitor firms to take issue with the cost and whether the medical

What is GEICO’s injury claim negotiation style?

Despite their pattern of trying to undervalue claims, GEICO is not all bad or bad across the board. In fact, GEICO claim adjusters are very pleasant and usually easy to work with in terms of their disposition and willingness to promptly return calls and carefully review documents submitted as far as insurance companies go. Really, we only disagree with GEICO on one issue: the value of personal injury cases.

The value of an injury case is a big part of what motor vehicle accident claims are comprised of. Our civil justice system is in place in part to help compensate victims for the harm that is done to them by others. Our job is to fight for our clients to get as much money in their pocket as possible.

Our car accident lawyers have won literally millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. If you need someone on your side who knows how to fight this insurance company and win, call (888) 920-8180 or get a free online consultation.

GEICO Claim Information You Can Use

Our experienced car accident attorney has been dealing with GEICO for years. Below are answers to frequently asked questions from our clients with GEICO claims.

Is Geico hard to deal with in accident claims?

GEICO is a very difficult insurer to deal with in accident claims. GEICO has a business model that aggressively focuses on settling claims for as little as possible. This model instructs adjusters to try to resolve cases for less than they are worth.

GEICO adjusters are usually very responsive and easier to get in touch with than some insurance companies. Additionally, GEICO usually calls for monthly status updates whereas many insurance companies do not. Therefore, we expect these frequently status update calls from GEICO and are prepared for them in advance.

Where is the GEICO adjuster handling my claim?

This insurer has regional claims centers. Almost all of the North Carolina claims are processed in the Fredericksburg, Virginia office. GEICO adjusters are still working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How does GEICO’s settlement offer process work?

GEICO does not give its adjusters a huge amount of authority to work with and the adjuster will likely make you an offer that is some percentage of the power that the adjuster has to settle the case. For your negotiation strategy it is important to consider, the gap between the initial offer and the settlement authority and the settlement authority and the real value of the case.

How does GEICO treat low property damage claims?

GEICO is harsher than most insurers when it comes to evaluating cases with low property damage, and for those cases, they may try to avoid paying anything at all. Government Employees Insurance Company, more than other insurance companies, takes a harder approach to evaluating and compensating low and no property damage injury cases.

Do I need a lawyer to handle my claim?

In general, you are going to be best protected by hiring counsel to represent your interests. If you are seriously injured in an accident, I think it is foolish not to hire a lawyer. Good legal advice, strategy, and skill matters. Even for small claims, a skilled injury attorney may be able to obtain higher compensation for your claim.

How to Contact GEICO Claims

To contact this insurer, you can reach them at:

P.O Box 9505
Fredericksburg, VA 22403

The best phone number for GEICO Claims is (888) 920-8180.

Keep in mind the risks associated with talking to the insurance company without counsel and that the insurance company may record calls and may try to obtain statements to use against you later.

GEICO Claims Process

When a customer files a claim with GEICO, they can expect prompt and professional service. GEICO representatives will obtain information from the individual that files the claim to help them determine liability.

GEICO Settlements

GEICO settlement offers are based on several factors including nature of the injuries, type and length of medical treatment, amount of medical bills, and other factors. Injury claimants have the option to file a lawsuit in court for their personal injury claim if they feel like any GEICO offer is inadequate.

GEICO Pros and Cons

The pros of negotiating a settlement with GEICO is that their claims handling process is faster than other insurance companies. The cons of GEICO claims processing is that GEICO may use any pre-existing accidents or pre-existing injuries to try to devalue a claim. GEICO also can argue that it is entitled to take advantage of medical provider discounts offer to patients, and GEICO may make arguments about the mechanics of the injury, causation, and contributory liability. Understanding the claims process can help customers navigate the system with confidence. If you have questions about GEICO claims process or settlements, seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Getting a Skilled Injury Attorney to Fight GEICO

Our accident lawyers at Tien Law Firm have handled hundreds of personal injury claims and have strong success record against GEICO of getting results for our clients.

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