GEICO Claims and Settlements

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GEICO is a major repeat player in the auto insurance claims industry. Understanding how GEICO handles claims and settlements can help policyholders navigate the process more effectively.

GEICO Claims Process

When a customer files a claim with GEICO, they can expect prompt and professional service. GEICO representatives will obtain information from the individual that files the claim to help them determine liability.

GEICO Settlements

GEICO settlement offers are based on several factors including nature of the injuries, type and length of medical treatment, amount of medical bills, and other factors. Injury claimants have the option to file a lawsuit in court for their personal injury claim if they feel like any GEICO offer is inadequate.

GEICO Pros and Cons

The pros of negotiating a settlement with GEICO is that their claims handling process is faster than other insurance companies. The cons of GEICO claims processing is that GEICO may use any pre-existing accidents or pre-existing injuries to try to devalue a claim. GEICO also can argue that it is entitled to take advantage of medical provider discounts offer to patients, and GEICO may make arguments about the mechanics of the injury, causation, and contributory liability. Understanding the claims process can help customers navigate the system with confidence. If you have questions about GEICO claims process or settlements, seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.